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[09/21/2006] No. 250:Many thanks for the past five years
[09/14/2006] No. 249:Visit to Finland
[09/07/2006] No. 248:Celebrating the birth of the prince
[08/31/2006] No. 247:Visit to Central Asia
[08/10/2006] No. 246:A visit that shed light on history
[08/03/2006] No. 245:Remembering the war dead
[07/27/2006] No. 244:Thinking of the hardships experienced by the Japanese emigrants to the Dominican Republic
[07/20/2006] No. 243:The United Nations resolution on North Korea and the G8 Summit
[07/13/2006] No. 242:Visit to the Middle East
[07/06/2006] No. 241:Protest against North Korea's missile launches/Japan-US alliance in the global context
[06/29/2006] No. 240:Visit to North America
[06/22/2006] No. 239:Decision to redeploy the Self-Defense Force in Iraq
[06/15/2006] No. 238:"Lion Interview" Part One
[06/08/2006] No. 237:Hometown of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi
[06/01/2006] No. 236:A large-scale earthquake in Indonesia and cooperation with the Pacific island countries
[05/25/2006] No. 235:Visit to the Hokuriku region
[05/18/2006] No. 234:Never forget the spirit of challenge
[05/11/2006] No. 233:Hideyo Noguchi Award
[04/27/2006] No. 232:Five years since my inauguration
[04/20/2006] No. 231:"Mottainai Furoshiki"
[04/13/2006] No. 230:"Cool Japan"
[04/06/2006] No. 229:Never forget what it was like to be a beginner
[03/30/2006] No. 228:The successes of foreign-born sumo wrestlers
[03/23/2006] No. 227:World champion at the WBC
[03/16/2006] No. 226:Welcoming foreign investment
[03/09/2006] No. 225:Simple yet efficient government
[03/02/2006] No. 224:A society with disparity?
[02/23/2006] No. 223:A Japan that is more open to the world
[02/16/2006] No. 222:Making Japan a country whose charms appeal to foreigners
[02/09/2006] No. 221:Celebrating the pregnancy of Her Imperial Highness Princess Akishino
[02/02/2006] No. 220:All-out effort at the Diet deliberations
[01/26/2006] No. 219:General policy speech
[01/19/2006] No. 218:Attending the regular Diet session
[01/12/2006] No. 217:Visit to Turkey
[12/22/2005] No. 216:Reflecting on a revolutionary year
[12/15/2005] No. 215:East Asia Summit (EAS)
[12/08/2005] No. 214:Appreciation from Iraq
[12/01/2005] No. 213:Celebrating the seventh consecutive sumo tournament win
[11/24/2005] No. 212:APEC and Japan-Russia Summit Meeting
[11/17/2005] No. 211:On the Marriage of Princess Sayako and the Japan-US Summit Meeting in Kyoto
[11/10/2005] No. 210:Autumn, a season for diplomacy
[11/04/2005] No. 209:Inauguration of the "Reform Continuation Cabinet"
[10/27/2005] No. 208:Iftar
[10/20/2005] No. 207:Bill related to the privatization of the postal services is enacted
[10/13/2005] No. 206:Autumn at the Prime Minister's Office
[10/06/2005] No. 205:Autumn is the season for reform
[09/29/2005] No. 204:Starting of Diet deliberations and the closing ceremony of EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan
[09/22/2005] No. 203:Inauguration of the Third Koizumi Cabinet
[09/15/2005] No. 202:Turning postal privatization into reality with your help and support
[08/25/2005] No. 201:Privatization of the postal services is at the heart of the reforms
[08/11/2005] No. 200:"Postal services dissolution"
[08/04/2005] No. 199:Sprinkling water to stay cool
[07/28/2005] No. 198:The Japanese national flag returned from Ukraine
[07/21/2005] No. 197:Summer reaches its peak
[07/14/2005] No. 196:The G8 Gleneagles Summit and terrorist bomb blasts in London
[07/07/2005] No. 195:Passage of the bill related to the privatization of the postal services at the House of Representatives
[06/30/2005] No. 194:Building a safe and reassuring community
[06/23/2005] No. 193:"Lion Interview" Part Two
[06/16/2005] No. 192:"Lion Interview" Part One
[06/09/2005] No. 191:Japan Day at the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi
[06/02/2005] No. 190:Free of ties, free of jackets
[05/26/2005] No. 189:Restoration of public safety and "Kabutomushi exchange"
[05/19/2005] No. 188:Contributing to the Middle East peace process
[05/12/2005] No. 187:Marking sixty years since the end of the Second World War
[04/28/2005] No. 186:Submission of bills related to the privatization of the postal services to the Diet
[04/21/2005] No. 185:Cooperation with Asian and African countries
[04/14/2005] No. 184:The New Official Residence
[04/07/2005] No. 183:Fight the big fight, and do not bother with trifles
[03/31/2005] No. 182:Visit to Japan by President Jacques Chirac of France
[03/24/2005] No. 181:Passage of the FY2005 Budget
[03/17/2005] No. 180:Japan Disaster Relief Team
[03/10/2005] No. 179:Pleasure at taking time to eat together as a family
[03/03/2005] No. 178:Urban Underground Farming Space
[02/24/2005] No. 177:The notion of "mottainai"
[02/17/2005] No. 176:Entry into Force of the Kyoto Protocol
[02/10/2005] No. 175:Northern Territories Day
[02/03/2005] No. 174:The supplementary budget for disaster reconstruction activities approved
[01/27/2005] No. 173:Budgetary deliberations kick off
[01/20/2005] No. 172:Remembering the disaster
[01/13/2005] No. 171:Ingenuity, motivation and drive of the private sector
[01/06/2005] No. 170:Immense Tsunami in the Indian Ocean
[12/24/2004] No. 169:Ringing in the New Year
[12/16/2004] No. 168:Extension of SDF deployment to Iraq
[12/09/2004] No. 167:Apples at 2,000 yen each
[12/02/2004] No. 166:Visit to Laos
[11/25/2004] No. 165:Visit to Chile
[11/18/2004] No. 164:Iraq, nuclear submarine and North Korea
[11/11/2004] No. 163:Entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol
[11/04/2004] No. 162:Mourning the loss of a young life to terrorism
[10/28/2004] No. 161:Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake and a Japanese national taken hostage in Iraq
[10/21/2004] No. 160:Privatization of the postal services: "entryway" to reform
[10/14/2004] No. 159:If you do it, it will happen
[10/07/2004] No. 158:Celebrating the achievement of an astounding record
[09/30/2004] No. 157:Inauguration of the "Reform Implementation Cabinet"
[09/24/2004] No. 156:From New York
[09/16/2004] No. 155:Visit to Brazil
[09/09/2004] No. 154:Basic Policy on the Privatization of the Postal Services
[09/02/2004] No. 153:Always be prepared
[08/26/2004] No. 152:After summer break
[08/05/2004] No. 151:Privatization of postal services: the heart of reforms
[07/29/2004] No. 150:On the release of the 150th issue
[07/22/2004] No. 149:Visit to Cheju Island, Republic of Korea
[07/15/2004] No. 148:Economic revitalization while standing firm to the principle of "without reform there will be no growth"
[07/08/2004] No. 147: Reform of the Social Insurance Agency
[07/01/2004] No. 146: Pension Reform
[06/24/2004] No. 145: Continuing Reconstruction Assistance to Iraq
[06/17/2004] No. 144: The Sea Island Summit and the Closing of the Diet
[06/10/2004] No. 143: Sea Island Summit
[06/03/2004] No. 142: Privatization of the Highway Public Corporations
[05/27/2004] No. 141: Japan-North Korea Meeting
[05/20/2004] No. 140: Second Visit to North Korea
[05/13/2004] No. 139: Bills on Pension Reform
[04/22/2004] No. 138: "It is the wild cherry blossoms glowing in the morning sun"
[04/15/2004] No. 137: Japanese nationals being held hostage in Iraq
[04/08/2004] No. 136:"Lion Interview" Two
[04/01/2004] No. 135: "Lion Interview" One
[03/25/2004] No. 134: Reconstruction assistance to Iraq
[03/11/2004] The Koizumi Cabinet Email Magazine Special Edition [II]
[06/29/2001] The Koizumi Cabinet Email Magazine Special Edition [I]