Minister of Justice

Date of Birth: March 7, 1945
Member of the House of Representatives
Kyoto 5th District (elected 11 times)
Educational Background

Apr. 1982:


Oct. 1979:

Passed the National Bar Examination

Mar. 1972:

Graduated from the University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law)

Professional Career

Dec. 2012:

Appointed Minister of Justice (current position)
(2nd Abe Cabinet)

Sep. 2009:

President, LDP

Aug. 2008:

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
(Reshuffled Fukuda Cabinet)

Sep. 2007:

Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP

Sep. 2003:

Minister of Finance
(1st Koizumi Cabinet (2nd Reshuffled))

Nov. 2002:

Minister of State for Industrial Revitalization Corporation
(1st Koizumi Cabinet (1st Reshuffled))

Sep. 2002:

Chairman, National Public Safety Commission and Food Safety Commission
(1st Koizumi Cabinet (1st Reshuffled))

Feb. 2000:

Chairman, Financial Reconstruction Commission
(1st Mori Cabinet)

Jul. 1998:

State Secretary for Finance

Sep. 1997:

Minister of State for Science and Technology
(2nd Hashimoto Cabinet (Reshuffled))

Nov. 1996:

Director-General, Election Bureau, LDP

Sep. 1995:

Chairman, Standing Committee on Rules and Administration, HR (House of Representatives)

Nov. 1991:

Chairman, Standing Committee on Communications, House of Representatives (HR)

Feb. 1990:

Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Defense

Dec. 1988:

Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Posts and Telecommunications

Nov. 1987:

Vice Chairman of the National Diet Committee, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

Aug. 1983:

Elected to the HR by-election in the Kyoto 5th district
Since then, elected consecutively 11 times


Mountaineering, cycling, wine tasting

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