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The Residential Area
Surrounded by the weighty history
The Kotei (Prime Minister's Residential Area)
The Kotei (Prime Minister's Residential Area)
Photo No.1 The Kotei (Prime Minister's Residential Area) Photo No.2 "Japanese House"built in 1937
While the Kantei is the building where the Prime Minister of Japan undertakes his duties, the residence where the Prime Minister actually lives is known as the Kotei. The Kotei lied to the southwest of the Kantei, a single-story building with an area of 508 square meters. It was linked to the Kantei by a walkway.

The Kotei itself had a rich history. At the time of its completion in 1929 it was known as the Nihonma or "Japanese room," and six prime ministers took up residence there from Giichi Tanaka through to Keisuke Okada. However, on the February 26 Incident of 1936, the Kotei was ravaged by rebel troops and could no longer be used as a residence. Afterward, the interior was renovated and it was used as a working office.

In 1937 a two-story wooden "Japanese house" in a corner of the Kantei South Garden was built and served as substitute for the Kotei. This structure burned down during the air raids on Tokyo in May 1945.

After the war, the Kotei continued to be used for a time as working offices, but was renovated in 1963, and used as a home by then Prime Minister Eisaku Sato in 1968. Since that time it had accommodated many of Japan's prime ministers.

The historic Kotei will be demolished at some future date, and it is planned that with the removal and renovation of the current Kantei to new premises, and that it will become the Kotei.
The Kantei Photography Office
The Government Aircraft