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Official Residence A virtual tour of the former Kantei (Prime Minister's Official Residence)
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The Main Entrance
One of the three gates to the Kantei
The Main Gate
The Main Gate
Photo No.1 The Main Gate
The Main Gate to the Kantei was constantly guarded by police officers and riot police.

This strict guard has remained unchanged since long ago, but at the completion of construction the Main Gate was on the eastern side of the Kantei, on the road in front of the current Cabinet Office. However, during the protests against the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty in 1960, the Main Gate was forcefully broken through and this prompted a review of security and nearby traffic control, resulting in the demolition of the old Main Gate, which was replaced by a wall in 1965 and the creation of a new Main Gate by repairing the previous Delivery Gate on the north side of the Kantei. In addition, 50 meters away from the new Main Gate toward the western side of the Kantei, a new Delivery Gate was created.

Another gate to the Kantei, the Sakashitamon Gate, exists but this gate is now rarely used.

At the time of the completion of the Kantei a copper nameplate measuring some 15cm in width by 40cm in length was attached to one of the Main Gate's pillars, reading "Official Residence of the Prime Minister." However, there is no such nameplate at present. It has long since disappeared and there are no records about what became of it.
The Front Courtyard