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Second Floor-West Staircase
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The West Staircase
The place for commemorative photographs when new Cabinets are formed
The West Staircase
The West Staircase
Photo No.1 The West Staircase Photo No.2 Last memorial photograph of the Cabinet members taken at the West Staircase (April 2001)
To the right of the Entrance Hall, there was a set of stairs known as the "West Staircase."

The "West Staircase" was perhaps the Kantei staircase most familiar to people. This was because when new Cabinets were inaugurated, Cabinet members lined up around the Prime Minister to pose for their commemorative photograph on this staircase.

There were many other staircases in the Kantei. Some of them had been made wheelchair-accessible.

Why were staircases used so often in the structure of the Kantei? It is said that there was a roughly two-meter gap in the grade in the middle of the construction site, which was located on the former site of the Nabeshima Mansion, and the designer responsible incorporated this gap into the construction of the Kantei.

As a result, although the Kantei looked like a two-story building when viewed from the front, it appeared as a three-story building when viewed from the South Garden in the rear.
The Grand Drawing Room