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Minister for Reconstruction
Minister in charge of Comprehensive Policy Coordination for Revival from the Nuclear Accident at Fukushima

Date of Birth: September 4, 1945
Place of Birth: Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Political Party: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Member of the House of Representatives  (Elected 8 Times)
Constituency: Tokyo 7th District
June 1973 Master of Arts, Duke University, United States
March 1968 Graduated from the Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo
March 1964 Graduated from Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima High School
September 2020 Minister for Reconstruction;
Minister in charge of Comprehensive Policy Coordination for Revival from the Nuclear Accident at Fukushima
(Suga Cabinet)
September 2016 Chairperson, Public Relations Headquarters, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
(reappointed in 2019)
November 2015 Chairperson, Headquarters for Party and Political System Reform Implementation, LDP
September 2014 President, Central Institute of Politics, LDP
October 2013 Acting Chairperson, Policy Research Council, LDP
October 2011 Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
September 2010 Director, Judicial Affairs Division,LDP
September 2007 Chairperson, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives (HR)
September 2006 State Minister of the Cabinet Office
November 2005 Chairperson, Special Committee on North Korean Abductions and Other Issues, HR
(Reappointed in 2014)
September 2003 Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications
May 2001 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense
October 1996 First elected to the House of Representatives (subsequently elected for eight consecutive terms)
December 1994
- July 1994
Senior Councilor, Minister's Secretariat, Defense Agency
April 1994 Senior Councilor, Commissioner General’s Secretariat, National Police Agency
August 1992 Department Chief, Okayama Prefectural Police Department
March 1991 Director, Crime Prevention Division, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
April 1985 Secretary to the Chief Cabinet Secretary
April 1980 First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in the UK
April 1968 Entered the National Police Agency

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