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The First Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Immediately After the Launch)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Provisional translation]

  1. At approximately 09:49 today, it appears that North Korea launched a missile, which it calls a "satellite", as North Korea announced on the 1st of this month.

  2. It is estimated that the missile, which North Korea calls a "satellite", passed over Okinawa of Japan at approximately 10:01. Information we obtained has been immediately disseminated to our people, local public authorities and media organizations through Em-Net and J-Alert systems and other means. It is also estimated that the first rocket fell to approximately 200 kilometers west of the Korean Peninsula in the Yellow Sea, the second one to approximately 300 kilometers south-west in the East China sea and the third one to approximately 300 kilometers east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Although the Government is currently confirming whether there has been any fallen object, at this stage, no such object has been identified within our territory. Therefore, we would like to ask our people to continue on with their normal lives and activities as usual.

  4. All the related information was provided to the Prime Minister immediately after the launch, and the Prime Minister has entered the Crisis Management Center at the Prime Minister's Office, and has given the following three points of instruction:

    (1) Conduct information gathering and analysis by the ministries and agencies concerned with a sense of urgency,

    (2)  Make every effort for the provision of the information to the public,

    (3) Take all possible measures to prepare for any contingencies.

    Bearing the instruction by the Prime Minister in mind, the Government continues to assiduously implement our measures including the confirmation of non-existence of damage and the provision of the information to the public.

  5. The Government has strongly urged North Korea to exercise restraint and refrain from conducting the launch in recognition that this launch would undermine the peace and stability of the region including Japan, and violate the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions as well as the Presidential Statement of the Security Council issued after the launch of a missile in April this year. Despite such efforts, it is extremely regrettable that North Korea forced to conduct the launch. The launch is intolerable to Japan, and the Government lodges a strong protest to North Korea.

  6. Immediately after the launch, the Government convened a meeting at the Prime Minister's office by Directors-General from the relevant ministries and agencies. The Government is taking all possible measures while thoroughly following the Prime Minister's instructions. Also, the Government will convene the Security Council after this press briefing at approximately 10:50

  7. The Government will make an announcement as additional information is obtained which should be shared with the public.
    The response of our government will be announced later and I would like to take questions then.


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