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Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary on the launch of missile by North Korea (Distributed at the Second Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Provisional translation]

  1. At approximately 09:49 today, a missile which North Korea calls a "satellite" was launched from North Korea. The Government of Japan convened the Security Council after the launch, and based on the Prime Minister's instruction, we are now taking every possible means while fully engaged in necessary measures including the safety confirmation for the regions where the missile flew over. No damage has been reported as of now.

  2. The countries concerned, including Japan and the international community, have strongly urged North Korea to exercise restraint and refrain from conducting the launch. The launch by North Korea despite such efforts is a grave provocation from the security point of view as it undermines the peace and stability of the region including Japan. Also, the launch is a violation of UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1874, which demands North Korea not conduct any launch using ballistic missile technology, as well as other relevant UNSCRs such as Resolution 1695 and 1718. It is also inconsistent with the Presidential Statement of the Security Council issued after the launch of a missile on April16, 2012. Furthermore, it is against the spirit of the Joint Statement of the Six Party Talks of September 2005. From these standpoints, the launch is intolerable to Japan. Japan lodges a strong protest to North Korea and deplores the launch.

  3. The launch is extremely deplorable as it not only is a violation of the Japan-DPRK Pyongyang Declaration, but also goes against the recent development of dialogue with North Korea towards resolving outstanding issues.

  4. Japan urges North Korea to immediately and fully implement all relevant UNSCRs. On this occasion, Japan once again strongly urges North Korea to take concrete actions towards resolving outstanding issues of concern including the abductions issue, nuclear and missiles programs.

  5. The Government of Japan will take the following measures for the time being, while taking every possible means to ensure peace and security of our country and the safety of our people:

    (1) Reconfirm whether there have been any damages caused by the launch, including fallen objects, focusing on the areas judged to have been flown over by the  missile,

    (2) Make every effort for information gathering and analysis, including forthcoming moves by North Korea,

    (3) Given that the launch is the clear violation of UNSCRs, strengthen collaboration with the U.S., the Republic of Korea, China and Russia, and promote coordination with other relevant parties and the international community, including through ensuring that the UN Security Council will take actions accordingly based on the Presidential Statement in April this year.

  6. We would like to ask our people to continue on with their normal lives and activities as usual.


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