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Speeches and Statements by the Prime Minister

On the resignation of Cabinet Public Relations Secretary Ms. YAMADA Makiko

March 1, 2021

[Provisional Translation]
I am truly sorry that the Cabinet Public Relations Secretary has come to resign her post at such an extremely important time in Diet deliberations, inconveniencing the Diet members and the citizens.

I am currently considering who will serve as her replacement. I intend to make a decision as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions to our business.

(On the criticism that the Government’s response has been lagging)

I don’t see it that way at all.

(On Ms. Yamada’s appointment as Cabinet Public Relations Secretary)

Ms. Yamada, Cabinet Public Relations Secretary, has a wealth of experience in administrative matters and also served as executive secretary to the previous prime minister, handling public relations. In light of that, I had great expectations when I appointed her to this position. It is truly unfortunate that despite that, she has come to resign in this way.

 (On the reason for emphasizing that she is a woman)

She truly has a meticulousness that many women have, and also the number of female government officials in Japan is extremely small. She has worked as such a woman and has that experience. She also has a long career in government administration. It was against that background that I appointed her with high hopes.

 (On the prime minister appointing his eldest son to be his secretary during his
term as Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications)

That’s a story from 12 years ago. For 12 years, my eldest son and I have never spoken about him getting a job or about the company he had joined in any way relevant to this issue. Although people see it in many ways, the facts of the matter are what I just explained to you.

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