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Basic Policy

September 16, 2020

September 16, 2020
Cabinet Decision

[Provisional Translation]
Faced with various unprecedented challenges such as the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and intensifying natural disasters, we must not allow a political vacuum to be created. We will carry on the initiatives implemented under the Abe administration and advance them further so as to bring back a daily life in which the public can enjoy peace of mind as early as possible.
"Self-help, mutual help, public help and kizuna (bonds)" is our vision for society. We firmly believe that overcoming various issues with that in mind, such as regional revitalization and the shrinking population, as well as the declining birthrate and aging society, will create dynamism in Japan. To this end, we will meet the people's expectations by working as a "Cabinet that works for the People," which devotes itself to advance regulatory reforms without being constrained by the vested interests, tearing down bureaucratic sectionalism and the notorious habit of following past precedent.
1. Response to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
First and foremost, we will absolutely prevent an explosive outbreak and protect the lives and health of the public. On top of that, we will balance the prevention of infections and socio-economic activities. While streamlining preventive measures based on our experiences implementing countermeasures against COVID-19 since the beginning of this year, we will expand the screening structure and secure necessary medical treatment structures are in place. We will also secure the necessary amount of vaccines to cover all citizens by the first half of next year.
2. Securing employment and protecting daily lives
Still facing severe economic conditions, we will continue to implement all possible measures to protect the daily lives of the people by securing employment and business continuity. Amongst that, premised on thoroughly implementing preventive measures, we will support those who are experiencing negative impacts caused by COVID-19 such as tourism and restaurant businesses. After overcoming this crisis, we will advance intensive reforms and necessary investment to address new goals that have been revealed by COVID-19, and materialize once again robust economic growth.
3. Creating vibrant communities
Increasing income and reviving consumption in areas outside major cities are essential for revitalizing the whole of Japan. In order to create vibrant communities, we will further advance efforts such as welcoming more foreign tourists and promoting the export of agricultural products. We will increase minimum wages nationwide and support communities doing their best in the field of tourism and agricultural reforms with all our strength.
4. Addressing the declining birth rate and building a social security system that provides peace of mind
We will address the urgent issue of the declining birthrate and work on reforms to build a society security system that gives everyone peace of mind. To this end, we will make fertility treatment coverable by insurance and create an environment such that parents can raise their children with peace of mind by bringing the childcare waiting list issue to an end through the expansion of childcare services. Moreover, we will address the inequality and inefficiency of the relevant schemes and pass those schemes onto the next generation.
5. Diplomacy and crisis management that protect national interests
Amidst the increasingly severe security environment surrounding Japan, we will deploy diplomacy and security policies that place a well-functioning Japan-U.S. alliance as their linchpin. In order to protect national interests, we will advance the "free and open Indo-Pacific" concept strategically and build stable relations with neighboring countries including China. We aim for a total reassessment of Japan's postwar diplomacy and, in particular, will continue to exert every effort to advance initiatives to resolve the abductions issue.
We will expeditiously and accordingly respond to any emergencies and crises, such as national security threats and natural disasters.

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