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Cabinet Decisions and Other Announcements

Message from Chief Cabinet Secretary on the International Cybersecurity Campaign

September 29, 2017

Further Promoting Cybersecurity:
Message on the Holding of the International Cybersecurity Campaign
The Internet has produced significant value by connecting people, things, and services globally. At the same time, however, it is now easier for cyber threats to transcend national borders. The ransomware that spread almost instantaneously throughout the world in May is still fresh in our minds.
In order to protect ourselves from such cyber threats and to ensure that we can continue to use the Internet safely, it is important that everyone who uses the Internet be engaged in cybersecurity activities. This challenge applies not only to Japan and is shared by all countries in the world. People living in countries around the globe and expatriates living in Japan are no exception.
Every year, in October, the Government of Japan conducts the “Cybersecurity International Campaign” to promote cybersecurity awareness raising activities internationally. This year as well, we will launch a special website for the campaign, and disseminate a variety of cybersecurity content, including an “Information Security Handbook.” Japan will also work together with the countries of ASEAN to spread this initiative worldwide.
I hope that this campaign will help all Internet users to develop a deeper recognition of the importance of cyber security.
September 29, 2017
Yoshihide Suga
Chief Cabinet Secretary

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