Meeting between Prime Minister Kishida and UN Secretary-General Guterres and Their Visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

August 6, 2022
[Provisional translation]

On August 6, commencing at 9:00 a.m. for approximately 15 minutes, Mr. KISHIDA Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan, met with H.E. Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. The meeting was followed by their visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

1. Meeting

Prime Minister Kishida welcomed the attendance by Secretary-General Guterres at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, and stated that having an accurate understanding on the realities of nuclear weapons use is the starting point for all manner of efforts towards nuclear disarmament. Secretary-General Guterres stated that it was meaningful to realize the visit to Hiroshima and the attendance at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony as he had wished to.

Prime Minister Kishida stated that, as the only country to have ever suffered atomic bombings during wartime, Japan will lead international efforts towards a world without nuclear weapons. Secretary-General Guterres welcomed such efforts by Japan stating that no other country can speak about nuclear weapons with moral authority as strongly as Japan, and they concurred to continue to work closely together.

Prime Minister Kishida strongly condemned China's launch of ballistic missiles as a serious issue concerning Japan’s security and the safety of Japanese people. Prime Minister Kishida further stated that China’s action gravely affects peace and stability of the international community and that he would continue working closely with the Secretary-General.

2. Visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Following the meeting, Prime Minister Kishida and Secretary-General Guterres were guided by the Director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum on a tour of the museum and learned about the tragic realities of the use of nuclear weapons. After their visit to the museum, Prime Minister Kishida and Secretary-General Guterres respectively donated paper cranes that they folded themselves and signed the guest book.

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