Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony and Other Events

August 6, 2022
[Provisional translation]
On August 6, 2022, Prime Minister Kishida attended the annual Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony held in the Peace Memorial Park in the City of Hiroshima.
2,854 people including atomic bomb survivors and bereaved family members, as well as representatives of 99 nations, the European Union, and international organizations such as the United Nations attended the ceremony marking the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombing.
At the ceremony, Mr. MATSUI Kazumi, Mayor of the City of Hiroshima, and the representatives of the bereaved family members added the names of atomic bomb victims whose passing was confirmed in the past year to the cenotaph, and Prime Minister Kishida, the representatives of the bereaved family members, and the atomic bomb victims offered flowers. Afterwards, the Peace Bell was rung at 8:15 a.m., the time when the atomic bomb was dropped, and all the participants offered a minute of silent prayer.
Next, after Mayor Matsui offered a Peace Declaration and two child representatives recited the Promise for Peace, Prime Minister Kishida expressed his heartfelt prayers for the repose of the souls of the victims and delivered an address.
After the ceremony, Prime Minister Kishida held a meeting with H.E. Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, followed by their visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The Prime Minister then moved to a hotel in the City of Hiroshima and attended a meeting to listen to requests from representatives of atomic bomb survivors. After receiving requests from the representatives of seven groups of atomic bomb survivors, he held a press conference.

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