Opening Ceremony for Ishikawa Prefecture’s Antenna Shop “Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace”

March 9, 2024

[Provisional translation]


On March 9, 2024, Prime Minister Kishida attended the opening ceremony for Ishikawa Prefecture’s antenna shop “Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace” held in Tokyo.
Prime Minister Kishida said in his address:
“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations on the successful holding of the opening ceremony to mark the launch of Ishikawa Prefecture’s antenna shop ‘Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace.’
First and foremost, I express my sincere condolences to all those who lost their lives in the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake on January 1 and extend my sympathies to all those affected by the disaster.
I visited the quake-hit areas again the other day, paying a visit to evacuation centers and listening to those concerned who are struggling in the fishery, agriculture, and traditional industries. I heard and saw how you have been tirelessly making tremendous efforts with various ingenuity toward the revival and recovery of your livelihoods even in a very harsh situation.
As the saying ‘Noto is gentle, so is even its land’ goes, people of Ishikawa Prefecture express their kindness externally and their resilience internally. Once again, I expressed my respect for their underlying strength.
The Government will do everything within its power, so that people in the affected areas will restore their livelihoods with peace of mind at the earliest possible time. We will adopt this stance to go all out in our response to the disaster, recovery of livelihoods, and reconstruction of the region.
As Governor Hase has just said, next week will see the opening of an extended section of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. I believe that this will be a significant even that will not only revitalize the region in business and tourism, but also raise hopes for recovery from the earthquake.
And today marks the launch of this ‘Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace.’ I sincerely hope that this terrace will serve as a base that connects the Tokyo metropolitan area with Noto and other parts of Ishikawa Prefecture and supports the reconstruction of Hokuriku.
With such thoughts in mind, I would like to conclude my remarks by expressing my hope that this terrace will be fully utilized and that there will be considerable progress in recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas, and above all, wishing success of each and every one of you. My congratulations today.”


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