Visit to Toyama Prefecture

August 10, 2023

[Provisional translation]


On August 10, 2023, Prime Minister Kishida visited Toyama Prefecture.
After receiving an explanation on products at a company with temperature sensor and other businesses in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Prime Minister Kishida held a small group talk on childcare support and empowerment of women. The Prime Minister then exchanged views with Mr. NITTA Hachiro, Governor of Toyama Prefecture, and Mr. YAMAMOTO Toru, Chairperson of Toyama Prefectural Assembly, regarding the damage from the torrential rain of the 2023 rainy season front. Afterwards, he inspected a pre-processing line for home electrical appliances recycling and a vertical-type crusher line at a recycling center in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture. At the end of the visit, the Prime Minister spoke to the press regarding his visit to Toyama Prefecture and other matters.


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