Visit to Tottori and Shimane Prefectures

July 31, 2023
[Provisional translation]

On July 31, 2023, Prime Minister Kishida visited Tottori and Shimane Prefectures.
Prime Minister Kishida received an explanation on policy measures at the Miraito Hiezu in Hiezu Village, Tottori Prefecture, visited a childcare facility, and observed a song practice session, followed by a public dialogue on policies related to children.
Afterwards, Prime Minister Kishida exchanged views on the damage due to the heavy rainfall in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture. The Prime Minister then took a tour of the Next Generation Tatara Co-Creation Centre of the Shimane University and observed an entrepreneurship education class. At the end of the visit, the Prime Minister spoke to the press regarding his visit and other matters.


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