Strategic Headquarters for Space Development

June 13, 2023
[Provisional translation]
On June 13, 2023, Prime Minister Kishida held the 28th meeting of the Strategic Headquarters for Space Development at the Prime Minister’s Office.
At the meeting, the participants engaged in discussions on the Basic Plan on Space Policy (draft) and other matters.

Following the discussion, Prime Minister Kishida said,
“Today we approved the new Basic Plan on Space Policy and the Space Security Initiative.
Nowadays, we see full-scale expansion of areas of human activity into outer space, and artificial satellites and other space systems support information and communications, disaster response and other activities, and national security. Global competition surrounding them is becoming more and more intense.
The new Basic Plan on Space Policy presents a future vision for national security, disaster prevention and reduction, innovation, space science and exploration and other civilian activities, as well as rockets and other infrastructure that support these space activities. The plan also lays out initiatives for around ten years to come in an aim to realize them.
In particular regarding research and development, going forward, we will newly formulate a Space Technology Strategy. In doing so, we will reinforce research and development capabilities of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), while strengthening JAXA’s function to provide funds for enterprises and universities and accelerating innovation through public-private collaboration.
In addition, under the Space Security Initiative, we will drastically expand the use of space systems and secure safe and stable use of outer space for national security purposes.
To this end, we will utilize private-sector technologies to build space architecture for national security, such as information gathering, telecommunications, satellite positioning, and space domain surveillance.
In order to maintain and enhance Japan’s self-sustained space activities and lead the world, I request that the Government work as one to continue to advance space policy under the leadership of Minister Takaichi.”

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