Council for the Creation of Future Education

March 17, 2023
[Provisional translation]
On March 17, 2023, Prime Minister Kishida held the fifth meeting of the Council for the Creation of Future Education at the Prime Minister’s Office.
At the meeting, the participants followed up with the work schedule of the first recommendation and other matters.

Following the discussion, Prime Minister Kishida said,
“Today we confirmed the progress in the work schedule of the first recommendation and discussed a draft list of points at issue for the second recommendation by the Council for the Creation of Future Education.
Under the latest second recommendation, we will formulate a New Plan on Overseas Student Dispatch and Foreign Student Acceptance, which includes not only the acceptance of international students, but also the overseas dispatch of Japanese students and others, replacing the current 300,000 Foreign Students Plan.
Based on today’s discussion, I request the members to establish new specific indicators, such as achieving the overseas dispatch of 500,000 Japanese students and acceptance of 400,000 foreign students by 2033, in the plan.
In addition, with a view to realizing these goals, I ask the members to propose a more in-depth recommendation, including the expansion of medium- to long-term overseas dispatch of Japanese students, the promotion of English and international understanding education, the improvement of environments to promote the acceptance of promising foreign students, the review of residence statuses, the facilitation of employment in companies, the promotion of retention, the improvement of environments for universities engaged in internationalization, and the creation of attractive educational settings for overseas talents.
I also request that the Ministry of Justice make preparations for the creation of a specially highly-skilled human resource system and a system for future creation human resource in specific activities as systems that rank among the best in the world toward the acceptance of highly-talented personnel, so that these systems will be launched in mid-April.
Moreover, it is important to make further investments in people to realize a new form of capitalism. I ask for the formulation of the second recommendation based on today’s discussion within April under the leadership of Minister Nagaoka, in order to flesh out measures to invest in people looking to the post-COVID-19 global society.
In light of the recommendation, we will promote international exchanges, including studying abroad, with the G7 members through the education ministers’ meeting in Toyama and Kanazawa and the Hiroshima summit.”

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