“Winter Digi-den Koshien” Awards Ceremony

March 9, 2023
[Provisional translation]
On March 9, 2023, Prime Minister Kishida attended the awards ceremony for the “Winter Digi-den Koshien" (Winter National Championship for Achieving a Digital Garden City Nation) at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Kishida said in his address,
“I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the members of the companies and organizations that have won each award of the ‘Winter Digi-den Koshien’ this time. I also express my sincere gratitude to the judges for attending the ceremony.
The pillar of a new form of capitalism that I aim to realize is the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation. Under this vision, we will resolve regional social issues through the power of digital technology, and achieve bottom-up growth from regional areas to the nation as a whole.
Against this background, all of your initiatives cover areas close to the citizens, including traffic safety, tourism, nursing care, education, healthcare, agriculture, and child rearing, and are outstanding in that they actually resolve concrete challenges in various parts of the country through public-private or government-industry-academia collaboration.
I wish to ask you to further enhance and develop your respective initiatives as a role case.
On its part, the Government will base its policy on the comprehensive strategy formulated at the end of last year, utilize the grants for the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation and other mechanisms, and conduct the horizontal rollout of good practices, such as yours. We will strive to ensure that people can really feel the digital implementation and steady development of a new form of capitalism in every corner of the nation. I sincerely ask for your continued support.
My heartfelt congratulations to you once again.”

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