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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary

March 15, 2017 (AM)

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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Excerpt)

[Provisional Translation]



REPORTER: I have a question regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This evening, Japan time, a ministerial meeting  on TPP will be held in Chile in South America. Does Japan still maintain the same stance, namely, aiming to have the agreement enter into force by the 12 partners including the United States?

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY SUGA: First of all, Japan has taken various opportunities to explain to the United States the economic and strategic significance of TPP. At the recent Japan-U.S. summit meeting, the leaders were able to agree that Japan and the United States need to take the lead in creating a free and fair economic bloc in the Asia-Pacific region. While this has not led to an instant change in the U.S. position on TPP, we believe we have gained the United States' understanding regarding the intentions behind Japan's promotion of TPP. At the upcoming meeting, Japan hopes to discuss actions going forward for TPP, while making use of Japan's centripetal force.

REPORTER: I have a related question. What will be Japan's response if the other partners request that the agreement be entered into force by 11 partners, without the United States?

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY SUGA: This will be the first time that the partners will be discussing the way forward for TPP, after the United States announced its exit from TPP. Japan will take this opportunity to reaffirm the economic and strategic significance of TPP. At the same time, we will seek to be in full communication with each partner.

REPORTER: United States Trade Representative nominee  Robert Lighthizer noted that Japan was "a primary target " in agricultural trade negotiations. Can you please share the comments of the Government?

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY SUGA: First, I am aware of the remark made by United States Trade Representative nominee Lighthizer. That said, the United States has not made this kind of request to us based on the talks at the recent Japan-U.S. summit meeting. At future economic dialogue between the two countries, Japan looks forward to holding constructive discussions that will lead to win-win relations  for both countries.

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