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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary

December 7, 2016 (AM)

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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Excerpt)

[Provisional Translation]


REPORTER: I would like to ask about the Advisory Council on Easing the Burden of the Official Duties and Public Activities of His Majesty the Emperor. A Council meeting will be held from today incorporating the hearings with experts earlier. While the opinions for and against abdication were divided among the experts earlier, with a view for putting together a proposal, I would like to hear what you expect from the current Council meeting.

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY: Three hearings were held last month. In regard to what can be done to reduce the burden of official duties and public activities of the Emperor, I believe we were able to hear a wide variety of opinions from experts with knowledge of the institution of the Imperial Household, history, the Constitution, and other areas. I understand that today’s Council meeting will discuss the issues and problems related to reducing the official duties and public activities of the Emperor while refining the results of the previous hearings. I believe the Government would like to avoid making predictions and have the discussions quietly continue regarding the reduction of the official duties and public activities of the Emperor, while refining the wide range of opinions gathered during the hearings.


REPORTER: Opposition was even seen in the ruling New Komeito party in the vote yesterday for the Integrated Resort (IR) promotion bill, and today debate was initiated in the Upper House. How does the Government perceive this?

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY: I understand that deliberations began in the regular session of the Upper House today regarding the IR bill, which is legislation introduced by a member of the Diet, that was passed in the Lower House yesterday. While integrated resorts can be expected to contribute to the stimulation of tourism, regional areas, and industry, the Government acknowledges that legislative measures must also be considered from a variety of viewpoints such as crime prevention, the maintenance of public order, the wholesome upbringing of youth and above all else the prevention of addiction, which must all be the basis for the law. I believe the Government wishes to continue observing the work of the members of the Diet. Finally, regarding the opposition of members of the ruling New Komeito party, I understand that based on a discussion held within the New Komeito Party, a conclusion was reached that all members will vote independently, and therefore there is no comment from members of the Government on this matter.


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