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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary

November 18, 2016 (AM)

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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Excerpt)

[Provisional Translation]

Opening Statement by Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga



REPORTER: I have a question regarding the meeting between Prime Minister Abe and President-elect Trump. Following the meeting, the Prime Minister stated that it gave him confidence that the two leaders can build a relationship of trust. Can you please tell us what the Government considers as the outcomes and significance of the meeting?

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY SUGA: First of all, today, Prime Minister Abe held an informal face-to-face meeting with President-elect Trump at his home in New York. The meeting lasted approximately one and a half hours. As far as I am aware, Prime Minister Abe is the first world leader to hold a face-to-face meeting with President-elect Trump following his election. With regard to the meeting, Prime Minister Abe stated that the two of them were able to hold extensive and candid exchanges of views in a very relaxed and warm atmosphere at the home of the President-elect, and that the meeting gave the Prime Minister confidence that the two of them can build a relationship of trust. In addition, I understand that Prime Minister Abe shared his basic views with President-elect Trump regarding a variety of issues, and that the two leaders agreed to meet after Mr. Trump is inaugurated as President to further deepen the discussion. We perceive that this was an excellent meeting representing a major step in building a strong relationship of trust between the two leaders prior to the inauguration of the new U.S. administration in January. The relationship has gotten off to a very good start. The Government will continue to further deepen and enhance the Japan-U.S. Alliance for peace and prosperity in the region and the world.

REPORTER: I have a related question. During the election campaign, President-elect Trump made comments which, for example, hinted at the withdrawal of the U.S. Forces in Japan. However, following today’s meeting, as you stated moments ago, the Prime Minister stated that President-elect Trump is a leader who can be trusted. Is it correct to understand that President-elect Trump made some kind of forward-looking remark regarding the Japan-U.S. Alliance?

CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY SUGA: We have no knowledge of these matters. The Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary who accompanied the Prime Minister briefed us that it was an extremely meaningful meeting at which the two leaders were able to build this relationship of trust.  


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