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Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary

July 5, 2016 (AM)

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Press Conference by the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Excerpt)

[Provisional Translation]

Opening Statement by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Hagiuda

DEPUTY CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY HAGIUDA: This morning the government plane brought home to Japan the remains of the seven victims of the recent terrorist attack, together with their families. Foreign Minister Kishida and myself were at the airport to receive the homecoming victims and their families and we made floral tributes in remembrance of those who lost their lives. Since the attack occurred, under the instructions of the Prime Minister the Government has been putting its fullest efforts into dealing with the situation and it is of the utmost regret that these people who were devoting their utmost efforts at the very frontlines of international cooperation lost their precious lives in this cruel and inhumane terrorist attack. A short while ago a Meeting of the Ministerial Council on the Terrorist Incident in Bangladesh was held and on behalf of the entire Government the participants offered a silent prayer for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives. Furthermore, given that the Act on the Provision of Bereavement Payment to Victims of Overseas Crime, which was passed in the previous Diet session, has not yet entered into force, in accordance with instructions from the Prime Minister the Government has decided to make special bereavement payments to the families of the victims based on the provisions in this legislation and to also expedite the procedures related to payment. As had been previously noted in this press conference, the Government had refrained from announcing the names of the victims out of respect for the feelings of the families. Following the confirmation of the remains of the victims by their families yesterday in Bangladesh and the return home of the victims’ remains and their families today on the government plane, the Government decided to release a list of the names of the victims, which has already been distributed. In addition, as many of the victims’ families have expressed the wish to be left to go on with their lives as quietly and calmly as possible, I would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation in respecting their wishes. Such acts of terrorism cannot be tolerated for any reason and the Government strongly condemns them. Japan will never give in to terrorism and will continue to play its role in cooperation with the international community.



REPORTER: I have a related question. The remains of the victims have now returned to Japan and I imagine that a detailed investigation and examination of the incident will now take place. Given that this was a case of home-grown terrorism that occurred overseas, what are your thoughts on the measures the Government should consider in order to prevent a similar crime in the future?

DEPUTY CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY HAGIUDA: Following the murder of Japanese nationals in Syria and the series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France, the Government has enhanced anti-terrorism measures both at home and overseas. Following this most recent terrorist attack the Prime Minister has issued instructions for the Government to take all possible measures in Japan and overseas to deal with terrorism. I am aware that based on these instructions the relevant ministries and agencies are working with a renewed sense of urgency to engage in various anti-terrorism measures, including efforts to enhance the collection of intelligence, thorough border control measures and strengthened security and surveillance at important facilities and soft targets. Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an overseas travel advisory for Bangladesh and also issued a global travel advisory about the risk of terrorism. In addition, the Ministry has issued instructions to its overseas diplomatic missions to make every effort to ensure the safety of Japanese citizens. Moreover, based on the action plan that was agreed at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit, the Government will further enhance cooperation with the international community, including measures to advance the sharing of information among relevant authorities, measures to counter violent extremism and initiatives to build counterterrorism capacity in regions around the world that are impacted by terrorism, including in Asia.

REPORTER: Yesterday the Ministry of National Defense of China issued a statement about an incident that occurred on June 17, about which the Government of Japan has already released a statement. According to the statement issued by China, a near miss situation occurred between Japanese and Chinese jets flying over the East China Sea, with F-15 jets of the Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) approaching the Chinese jets and locking on to them with fire-control radar. Are these claims based in fact?

DEPUTY CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY HAGIUDA: Has this statement been issued by Japan?

REPORTER: No, by the Ministry of National Defense of China, addressed to Japan.

DEPUTY CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY HAGIUDA: As has already been reported, on June 17 in response to Chinese military jets flying south of the Senkaku Islands, ASDF F-15 jets were scrambled and implemented a series of appropriate response measures, including confirmation of the status of Chinese jets and monitoring of their activities. This series of response measures was implemented in strict accordance with procedures stipulated by international law and the Self-Defense Forces Act and there is absolutely no truth to the statement by the Ministry of National Defense of China that Japanese jets engaged in provocative acts against Chinese jets. Neither is there any truth to the claims that Japanese jets locked fire-control radar on the Chinese jets. In any event, the Government is determined that the SDF will continue to implement strict anti-territory intrusion measures from the perspective of firmly protecting Japan’s territorial land, waters, and airspace.


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