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Council for Regulatory Reform

Regulatory reform is crucial to the promotion of economic and social structural reform, and aims to achieve both the "establishment of a consumer and people-oriented economic and social system" and "revitalization of the economy" at the same time.

In order to actively promote such reform, the Council for Regulatory Reform was established in the Cabinet Office under the provisions of Clause 2, Article 37 of Cabinet Office Establishment Law on April 1, 2001.

This Council is responsible for comprehensively investigating and deliberating on basic issues regarding the modalities of necessary regulations in order to promote economic and social structural reform, as well as for monitoring the progress of implementation of the Three-Year Program for Promoting Regulatory Reform from the perspective of promoting fundamental and important economic policy measures, in response to the inquiries of the Prime Minister.

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  • Cabinet Office Establishment Law (Law No.89 of 1999)
  • Cabinet Office Organization Ordinance (Government Ordinance No. 245 of 2000)
  • Council for Regulatory Reform Ordinance (Government Ordinance No. 87 of 2001)

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Office of Council for Regulatory Reform
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TEL +81-3-5501-2808 or 5501-2809