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Headquarters for Administrative Reform

Headquarters for Administrative Reform was established in the Cabinet in January 2001 in order to ensure that the reform of central ministries and agencies results in concrete progress, and to advance in a focused and planned implementation of the General Principles of Administrative Reform (under the cabinet decision of December 1, 2000), and to strive to advance comprehensive and proactive administrative reform within the Government.

The relevant ministries are advancing their respective areas of responsibility under the General Principles of Administrative Reform. Please click HERE for more details.

 Members, Foundation
 Major Steps and Decisions Taken
August 2, 2002Modalities for Fundamental Reform of Public Servant Recruitment Examinations [Points]
August 2, 2002Towards Fundamental Reform of the Public Service Corporation System-Summary of Discussions [Outline]
December 18, 2001Interim Report of Implementation Plan for Reform of Administration-Commissioned Public Service Corporations (Subsidiary-related) [Summary]
November 27, 2001Direction of Advanced Reforms for the Seven Special Public Institutions

 Relevant Decisions
March 29, 2002Implementation Plan for Reform of Modalities for Involvement of the Administration in Public Service Corporations (Outline)[PDF]
March 29, 2002Efforts Towards Fundamental Reform of the Public Service Corporaton System
December 25, 2001Guidelines for Reform of the Public Servant System [Points]
December 19, 2001Reorganization and Rationalization Plan for Special Public Corporations and Others [Foreword]
 Contact Details
Office of Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretaries, Cabinet Secretariat
1-6-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8968, Japan
TEL +81-3-5253-2111