Major policies of the Kishida Cabinet 02/

Policies supporting children and child-rearing

If Japan continues down its current path, the population of young people in Japan will drop rapidly once the 2030s begin, decreasing at twice the current pace, resulting in the declining birthrate becoming unstoppable. The six or seven years remaining until the 2030s are Japan’s last chance to try to reverse the course of the declining birthrate trend. For that reason, during the period for intensive measures over the next three years, we will implement the following concrete policies at the earliest possible timing as our “acceleration plan.”

Policies supporting children and child-rearing 01

Financial support for child-rearing

We will reinforce the financial support we provide, including by expanding child allowances and reducing the financial burden incurred in childbirth and in higher education, and make it possible for the younger generation to choose to get married, have children, and raise children as they wish, without battling financial worries.


Policies supporting children and child-rearing 02

Expanding support aimed at all children and all households raising children

We will establish an integrated institutional structure through which necessary support is provided seamlessly and comprehensively to all children and all households raising children, in ways appropriate for the parents’ work styles and lifestyle and for the ages of the children.


Policies supporting children and child-rearing 03

Promoting dual-career families and shared parenting

The decline in the birthrate is related to factors rooted in the structure of society and people’s ways of thinking. If individual policies are to be effective, we must change the structure and the consciousness of society as a whole. We will work to create workplaces where it is easy to take childcare leave while also promoting reforms to work styles.


Policies supporting children and child-rearing 04

Ensuring stable revenue and doubling the budget

In working to realize measures to counter the declining birth rate that are of a totally different dimension, as intensive measures to be taken over the next three years, besides implementing our Acceleration Plan, in order to comprehensively promote our policies related to children, we will formulate our Children's Future Strategy and our General Principles for Child-Related Measures and aim to double the budget of the Agency for Children and Families. We will undertake these with steadfast determination and a sense of speed.