[COVID-19] Second Supplementary Budget (Overview)

June 12, 2020
On June 12, 2020, the second supplemntary budget for FY2020, which aims at enhancing the government's measures to protect the lives and lifestyles of the public from COVID-19 and move forward economic recovery, was enacted by the Diet.

Total Scale
31,911.4 billion yen

1. Enhancing the Employment Adjustment Subsidy
451.9 billion yen

*Budgeted in the General Account, including transfer to the Special Account for Employment Insurance and financial support for employees who work less than 20 hours per week. In addition, ¥857.6bn is budgeted in the Special Account for Employment Insurance.
2. Enhancing financial support
11,639.0 billion yen

- Loan to micro, small-and medium-sized businesses〔8,817.4bn〕

- Loan to major corporations〔452.1bn〕

- Providing capitals〔2,369.2bn〕
Strengthening financial functions
Extend the period of capital participation and expand the framework under the Act on Special Measures for Strengthening Financial Functions (to ¥15tn)
3. Establishinga rent support grant for SMEs
2,024.2 billion yen
4. Supporting medical treatment providers
2,989.2 billion yen

- Emergency Comprehensive Support Grant For Novel Coronavirus Disease〔2,237.0bn〕
* of which medical care〔1,627.9bn〕, long-term care〔609.1bn〕

- Distribution of medical masks to medical institutions〔437.9bn〕

- Development of medicine and vaccines〔205.5bn〕
5. Other Supports
4,712.7 billion yen

1. Expanding of“Special Allocation for Revitalization to Cope with COVID-19”    2,000.0bn
2. Additional payments to low-income single parent households             136.5bn
3. Enhancing the Subsidy Program for Sustaining Businesses             1,940.0bn
4. Others                                                                                          636.3bn
 - Enhancingthe grants for micro, small-and medium-sized business operators〔100.0bn〕
 - Emergency comprehensive support package for art and cultural activities〔56.0bn〕
 - Measures to prevent the spread of infection in local public transportations〔13.8bn〕
 - Additional placement of teachers and assistant teachers〔31.8bn〕
 - Educational support and preventive measures against infection to reopen school〔42.1bn〕
 - AI simulation to realize “a Smart Life"〔1.4bn〕
 - Establishing a grant to sustain businesses for agriculture, forestry and fisheries〔20.0bn〕
 - Enhancing capacity of Self-Defense Forces to prevent and respond to infectious disease〔6.3bn〕
 - Special loans to individuals from the emergency small amount fund〔204.8bn〕
 - Deploying optical fibers for educational ICT platform〔50.2bn〕
6. Contingency funds for COVID-19
10,000.0 billion yen
TransfertotheSpecial Account for the National Debt Consolidation Fund(interest payment)
96.3 billion yen
Reduction in previously approved expenses(annual allowance of the members of the Diet)
-2.0 billion yen

(note) The Emergency Support for Students〔¥53.1bn〕(May 19, 2020, cabinet decision), distribution of medical masks to medical institutions〔¥168.0bn 〕and special allocation on health care fee〔¥15.9bn, borne by the central government (May 26, 2020, cabinet decision) 〕are allocated from the Contingency funds for the COVID-19 in the first Supplementary Budget for FY2020.

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