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(Provisional translation)

Statement by the Prime Minister
on the Cabinet Decision on the Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan

March 28, 2008

The Cabinet decided on a revision to the Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan today.

Global warming now poses real problems that can greatly affect our lives and economic activities. We must immediately strengthen our efforts to tackle global warming.

The Kyoto Protocol's commitment period starts in April.

The six-percent reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol is not only an international commitment among governments, but also a commitment pledged to the world by us, all of the Japanese people.

This target can only be met by the active participation of each and every one of the people, including households, those in industry, and those working in offices.

The new Plan decided on today compiles all possible measures to meet the target, such as the introduction of new energy resources including solar, the purchase of energy-saving home appliances to replace old ones, expansion of the use of clean-energy vehicles, and improvement of the energy efficiency of houses and buildings.

The reduction by six percent is by no means an easy target. Still, the world is paying attention to Japan's efforts to address the global warming issue.

On our part, the Government will further step up global warming countermeasures. I would like to ask each and every one of the people to cooperate in this endeavor, keeping in mind that it is they who can fulfill Japan's international commitment.