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Statement by the Prime Minister

September 26, 2007

Having been appointed as Prime Minister today, I have assumed the heavy responsibility of steering the nation's administration under the coalition government of the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party. I intend to spare no effort in living up to this responsibility by making the future development of Japan and the stability of the lives of its people my top priorities. I bear responsibility over the Administration, and I intend to press forward in conducting the affairs of the state by listening thoroughly to people's voices and consulting sincerely with the opposition parties concerning important policy issues so that people's lives are not adversely affected and the national interest is not compromised in light of the current situation in which the strengths of the ruling and opposition parties have been reversed in the House of Councillors.

Recovering the public trust in politics and in the administration is an urgent task. On the issue of political funding, I have given thorough instructions to the Cabinet members, in recognition of the need for them first to act upright, asking them to conduct strict management based on law, to respond comprehensively when questions are raised by properly discharging their duty to give a clear account of their actions, and also to follow applicable laws and ordinances and maintain morality as politicians, and not to contravene political ethics. Furthermore, I will ensure that senior officials of each ministry and agency will take charge of their respective duties in full and conduct administration responsibly from the standpoint of the public with the aim of recovering trust in the administration.

I will strengthen administration with a focus on the consumer by changing the perspective of administration so that it acts more firmly from the standpoint of the consumer, so that people can live their lives free from anxiety. I will steadily resolve the problems surrounding the nation's pension records and develop a social security system that remains sustainable into the future and that affords people a sense of reassurance. As for the diverse problems that come under the heading of "disparities," which are occurring as structural reforms are advanced, I will devote my energies to taking prescriptive measures to ameliorate each of these problems. I will proceed with regional structural reforms in accordance with the situation of each respective region. Based on "agricultural policies on the offensive," I will work to establish an environment in which even elderly people and small-scale farmers can tackle agriculture without anxiety. I will also proceed with the changeover to a "sustainable society" and in the run up to next year's Hokkaido Toyako Summit I will work actively to tackle the global warming issue.

With the firm maintenance of the Japan-US Alliance and policy of international coordination as the basis of Japan's diplomacy, I will aim to make Japan a nation that is aware of the responsibilities appropriate to its national strength within the international community, a nation trusted internationally. I will do my very best to make sure that the support activities now being performed by the Maritime Self-Defense Force based on the Anti-terrorism Special Measures Law can continue. I will proceed with active diplomacy for Asia, so that the strengthening of the Japan-US Alliance and the promotion of diplomacy for Asia resonate in harmony and yield even better results. And with the aim of achieving the denuclearization of North Korea, I will further strengthen Japan's cooperation with the international community, and also devote myself wholeheartedly to solving the abduction issue promptly.

I will devote my energies toward making Japan a nation of "hope and reassurance," in which its young people can embrace hope for tomorrow and its senior citizens can find reassurance, on the basis of ideas of "self-reliance and mutual cooperation"-- people supporting and helping each other with the core principle of making respective efforts on their own.

I ask from my heart for the understanding and cooperation of the people of Japan.