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Ministerial Meeting on the Pension Record Problem

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photograph of the Ministerial Meeting on the Pension Record Problem

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda held the 7th Ministerial Meeting on the Pension Record Problem at the Prime Minister's Office.

Subjects on the meeting agenda included the status of progress of works such as the integration of the pension records; identification of information on registration paper with digitized records; and the issue of retroactive corrections to standard compensations and lost eligibility. The Ministers each made reports on various matters such as on the sending of notifications being conducted under the Pension Special Notification Service and the receiving of responses to the notifications; on PR activities; and on the status of deliberations by the Third-Party Committee to Check Pension Records.

At the end of the meeting, Prime Minister Fukuda gave an address, in which he said, "The pension record problem has significantly damaged the people's trust in the Government. I would like to see to it that the utmost efforts are made to correct mistakes that have compounded over a period of more than 40 years, and that correct pension payments, which support the people's lives after retirement, are duly made to each and every one of the people. Moreover, we will endeavor to restore the people's trust in the Government."