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Comment by the Japanese Prime Minister
on the announcement by the Republic of Korea
of the results of the investigation
into the sinking of a military patrol vessel

20 May 2010
[Provisional Translation]


The Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) today made public a report on the results of the Joint Investigation into the sinking of the ROK Naval patrol vessel "Cheonan". The investigation had been conducted since the incident happened on 26 March. I take this opportunity to reiterate my condolences and sympathies to the forty-six victims of the incident and the members of their bereaved families.

Japan pays tribute to the fact that this investigation was conducted in a scientific and objective manner in which military and civilian experts of the ROK were joined by experts from third countries. In the report the ROK Government clearly concluded that the incident had been caused by a torpedo fired by North Korea (DPRK).

We had received extensive explanation from the ROK side prior to today's announcement. On this basis, Japan strongly supports the ROK. North Korea's action cannot be condoned by any means, and Japan together with the international community strongly condemns North Korea. In handling this matter, Japan will continue its close coordination and cooperation for regional peace and stability with the countries concerned, including the ROK and the United States.