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Government Statement

January 19, 2010
Cabinet approved


  1. Today, the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan (ETIC) decided to provide support for Japan Airlines (JAL). From now on, JAL will take steady steps, fully respecting the point of view of the public, to rehabilitate its business with the full support of the ETIC through Corporation Reorganization Law proceedings that secure transparency and equity with the court engagement.
  2. JAL constitutes an important part of the aviation network that provides the foundation of Japanfs development. Therefore, the Government of Japan will provide necessary support for JAL until the completion of its rehabilitation, through such measures as securing sufficient funding as well as seeking the understanding and cooperation of foreign governments, in order to enable the continuation of its flight operations and its steady rehabilitation.
  3. The Government of Japan strongly requests JAL to work vigorously on the improvement of its business and financial base with the utmost company-wide effort, within a framework that employs both the supportive proceedings of the ETIC and the proceedings of the Corporation Reorganization Law, and to take all possible measures to secure safe flight operations.

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