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Council for Asian Gateway Initiative

 While Japan is experiencing substantial economic recovery, it is also facing various challenges such as declining population and aging society. In order for Japan to continue stable economic growth and become an attractive "venue" to the rest of the world, it is critically important to incorporate the growth and vitality of the world, in particular Asia's growth.
 For this purpose, it is essential for Japan to establish an open economy and society which promotes freer exchange of people, goods capital, culture and information. When doing so, Japan needs to reassess its valuable resources in areas such as nature, history, culture and tradition. This would enable Japan to appeal its attractiveness as a "beautiful country" to the world, and achieve its goal of realizing "new creation and growth."
 "The Asian Gateway Initiative" provides a comprehensive policy package necessary for Japan to become an attractive country. The Initiative also aims to publicize Japan's attractiveness to the world. To articulate the substance of this Initiative, the Council for Asian Gateway Initiative (also known as Asian Gateway Strategy Council) was formed and a number of meetings held. The Council discussed wide-ranging issues to identify specific policy measures necessary to realize the Initiative.

 Major Decisions Taken
May 16, 2007Asian Gateway Initiative was endorsed by the Prime Minister
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 Asian Gateway Initiative(Chinese Version)
 Asian Gateway Initiative(Korean Version)

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe convened the 9th Meeting of the Council for the Asian Gateway Initiative at the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

At the meeting, the Council compiled the Asian Gateway Initiative, which envisions Japan acting as a bridge between Asia and the world in the flow of people, goods, money, culture and information, and thereby achieving growth together. As part of this Initiative, the Japanese Cultural Industry Strategy was also formulated.

In his address, Prime Minister Abe spoke of the issues to be tackled, saying, "We see strong national interest in the issues related to airline routes and airports, such as the Asia Open Skies (liberalization of aviation services) and 24-hour operation of international airports in the major metropolitan areas. It is therefore important to demonstrate our stance on these issues internationally as well. We are also facing themes that we need to work on in order to establish the gateway to Asia, including reform of trade procedures, policy for foreign students studying in Japan, the appeal of our country and presentation of our messages abroad."


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