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Comment by the Prime Minister on the Enactment of
the Supplementary Budget of Fiscal 2009

29 May 2009

The supplementary budget of fiscal 2009 was enacted today.

The total scale of the "Countermeasures to Address the Economic Crisis", which shall be implemented by this supplementary budget, is approximately 57 trillion yen, while new fiscal outlays will reach 15 trillion yen. These figures are the largest in history.

I issued three instructions upon the formulation of the "Countermeasures" and the supplementary budget:

First, they should involve an all-out mobilisation of policy;

Second, they should extend over multiple fiscal years; and

Third, they should consist of efforts to be made by the entire country (an "All-Japan" response).

The supplementary budget is indeed consistent with these instructions.

Under the current economic crisis, we need firstly to prevent economic activity from breaking the bottom, secondly to ease the pain of ordinary people and to ensure peace of mind in their daily lives, and thirdly to make the present lead to future growth. I believe that results of the government's utmost efforts in order to fulfil these objectives are contained in this budget.

I shall endeavour to restore economic activity by swiftly implementing this supplementary budget together with the principal budget of fiscal 2009.

I should like to thank all those concerned for their efforts to enact this supplementary budget, and shall continue to strive for the early passage of the bill concerning tax reforms included in the "Countermeasures", and of other related bills.