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Comment by the Prime Minister on the Passage of the Second Supplementary Budget of Fiscal 2008 and Related Bills in the House of Representatives

13 January 2009

The second fiscal 2008 supplementary budget and related bills were passed today in the House of Representatives. These constitute the second stage of the "three-stage rocket" of economic countermeasures, whose final approval and I hope to see as soon as possible.

I should like to express my appreciation for the convening of the Diet session from the exceptional timing of 5 January, for the deliberations held, and for the approval of this budget and the related bills at this early date.

I hope that deliberations and a vote will also take place early in the House of Councillors.

Given the increased likelihood that the budget and related bills will come into force at an early date within the current fiscal year, I will instruct the government ministers concerned to begin preparations for their implementation.

The fiscal 2009 budget, the third stage of the "rocket", is due to be submitted to the Diet on 19 January. I look forward to early deliberations and entry into force of this budget as well, in consideration of the current economic situation.