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Statement by Prime Minister Taro Aso on Enactment
of the Law to Partially Amend the Replenishment Support
Special Measures Law

December 12, 2008

The Law to Partially Amend the Replenishment Support Special Measures Law has been enacted, allowing Japan to continue replenishment support activities in the Indian Ocean by the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Japan is proud of the members of Self-Defense Forces, who devote themselves to their duties in harsh environments in the Indian Ocean. They have my sincere respect and deep appreciation. I expect them to continue carrying out their roles wholeheartedly.

The international community's fight against terrorism is still ongoing.

In Afghanistan, many countries are strengthening their efforts to ensure security and anti-terrorism measures, as well as reconstruction assistance activities, despite the sacrifices incurred. Maritime interdiction activities are interdicting and deterring terrorist activities in the Indian Ocean, thus serving to sustain efforts in Afghanistan.

Japan's replenishment support activities, an important foundation of the maritime interdiction activities, have received high praise by the international community. It is truly significant that Japan as a member of the international community continues its replenishment support activities.

Japan fights against terrorism for its own sake, as well. We are determined to fulfill our responsibility in the international community, by continuing replenishment support activities, thereby playing a role in the fight against terrorism.

I thus request the further understanding and cooperation of the people of Japan for the government's endeavors.