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Statement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the Enactment of the Revised Fundamental Law of Education

December 15, 2006

The Revised Fundamental Law of Education was enacted today.

This is truly a great achievement given that ever since the National Commission on Educational Reform submitted its report in 2000, revision of the Fundamental Law of Education has been recognized as a vital task for our nation. I want to thank all the people who have worked so hard to accomplish this, and also the members of the Diet for their deliberations.

The postwar education system, based on the 1947 Fundamental Law of Education, contributed greatly to improving the educational level of the Japanese people, which in turn served to sustain the development of economy and society of this country. Still, more than half a century has passed since the law was established, and during that time our country has undergone drastic changes, resulting in diverse challenges in the field of education. That is why the Revised Fundamental Law of Education, while retaining the universal principles of the original law, sets out those educational principles that are truly needed in the current circumstances, including a sense of morality, self-discipline and public-mindedness.

This revision carries historical significance in that it clarifies the basic educational principles that will lead us into a new era. In the spirit of the law enacted today, I will push ahead with education rebuilding, which will enable us to bring the diverse talents of individuals to blossom, nurture people with vision and hope and build a dignified and beautiful country, Japan. I am determined to devote myself wholeheartedly to promoting these initiatives through a broad range of efforts on the part of schools, families and local communities, paying due respect to opinions from all levels of society.

I ask each and every one of the people of Japan consider even more profoundly the significance of the revision and to cooperate in this endeavor.