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Cabinet Decisions and Other Announcements

The Statement of the Prime Minister on the Occasion of the Resignation en Masse

September 16, 2020

[Provisional Translation]
Today, the Abe Cabinet resigns en masse.
Over these nearly eight years, we have exerted every effort to take on challenges to tackle various issues both in domestic affairs and diplomacy. Regrettably, there are some issues that still remain. At the same time, through those various challenges, there are also some milestones that we have achieved or made a reality.

Without the reconstruction of Fukushima, there will be no reconstruction of Tohoku. Without the reconstruction of Tohoku, there will be no revival of Japan. With that in mind, we have made utmost efforts for the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Prioritizing the economy, we have worked to create a society in which those who wish to work have a job. We have fought against the deflation of nearly two decades with the three arrows and created jobs for more than 4 million. Making use of the fruits of growth, we expanded childcare and made some educations free of charge. Moreover, work style reform, active participation of women, and a social security system oriented to all generations – we have also made a giant leap towards a society in which all citizens are dynamically engaged.
In the field of diplomacy and national security, we enacted the Legislation for Peace and Security, which relates to the right of collective self-defense, and made our alliance stronger than ever by enabling mutual help. We worked in tandem with countries with which we share universal values to materialize a free and open Indo-Pacific, under the banner of proactive contribution to peace. Taking a panoramic perspective of the world map, Japan has played a leading role to expand the free and fair economic zone in the world, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU, and the Japan-U.S. Trade Agreement.
We owe it all to the people of Japan, who have strongly placed their confidence in us at each general election and encouraged us. We once again express our sincere appreciation. I thank everyone who has all too graciously lent me their unwavering support throughout these very challenging times.
I would deeply appreciate your support for the incoming Prime Minister and next Cabinet. I will also support the new administration as a member of the Diet. I would like to continue to exert every effort for the future of Japan.
Dear people of Japan, I sincerely thank everyone for these eight years.

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