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The Prime Minister in Action

Press Conference by the Prime Minister

April 30, 2020

Photograph of the Prime Minister holding the press conference

Photograph of the Prime Minister holding the press conference

  • Photograph of the Prime Minister holding the press conference
[Provisional Translation]
On April 30, 2020, the Prime Minister spoke to the press at the Prime Minister’s Office.
Regarding the enactment of the supplementary budget for FY2020 and the extension of the declaration of a state of emergency, the Prime Minister said,
“A supplementary budget with a scale of 117 trillion yen, the largest in history, was enacted just now. I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to all the members of the ruling and opposition parties who supported its early enactment.
Without delay, applications for the Sustainability Subsidy, which provides up to two million yen in cash to small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as micro-business operators, will be accepted from tomorrow. Applicants will receive these cash payments from May 8 at the earliest. We will be delivering these payments of cash, whose purpose of use is unrestricted, with a sense of urgency.
Real interest-free unsecured loans with principal repayment deferred for a maximum of five years will also become available for businesses from local banks, Shinkin banks, and credit cooperatives. A grace period for the payment of national taxes and social security premiums has also been introduced.
We intend to ensure the protection of businesses and employment, by delivering support as quickly as possible to those who are gritting their teeth and working diligently in this severe situation.
Approximately three weeks have passed since the declaration of a state of emergency was issued. During this time, people have been extending cooperation in various ways, such as refraining from going out and continuing to work from home.
Due to the school closures, children have lost the precious time they spend together with their friends, studying and playing. It has been placing a great burden on their fathers and mothers.
I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for their extensive cooperation. Thank you very much.
A five-day public holiday will begin the day after tomorrow. Under usual circumstances, this is the Golden Week holiday period everyone looks forward to. If we let down our guard at this moment, all the efforts we have made thus far will be lost. I ask everyone to refrain from going out to protect themselves and to protect those they love.
Regarding the state of emergency after May 6, we will make a final decision, while asking the experts to review a wide range of data beforehand. Considering the highly severe conditions faced by medical institutions, and the burden on healthcare professionals who are right now devoting themselves to saving as many lives as possible, we recognize that the current circumstances are still extremely challenging.
It will be difficult for us to return to normal lives from May 7. Speaking straightforwardly, we must prepare ourselves for a prolonged battle. Under these circumstances, we will provide a cash payment of 100,000 yen per person to all citizens through the supplementary budget so that we can all come together and overcome this challenge. We will exert every effort to deliver these cash payments as early as possible, with the cooperation of local governments.
We will support people’s livelihoods, daily lives, businesses and employment, by fully utilizing this 117-billion-yen scale supplementary budget. By doing so, we intend to overcome, together with the public, these difficult circumstances which can be called a national crisis. To this end, we are determined to take all possible measures.”
Responding to the question from a reporter, the Prime Minister said,
“I would like to hear the experts’ views regarding how long the duration (of the state of emergency) should be extended.”

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