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Cabinet Decisions and Other Announcements

Statement by Prime Minister Abe

August 3, 2016

[Provisional Translation]

Cabinet Decision

With the national referendum in the United Kingdom on exiting the European Union, and the clouds that can be seen gathering over emerging economies, the global economy is currently facing various risks. There are concerns about the weakness in global demand and the slowdown in growth.

At the G7 Ise-Shima Summit, leaders agreed that the G7 nations will cooperate to take all appropriate policy responses in order to avoid falling into another crisis. In order to further strengthen international cooperation, Japan, as the presidency of the G7, will demonstrate leadership and mobilize all policy measures to accelerate Abenomics still further and to achieve maximum “escape velocity” to break free from deflation.

In the campaign for the recent House of Councillors election, I called strongly for that and was able to receive a powerful vote of confidence from the people of Japan toward “further acceleration of Abenomics.”

Supported by the voices calling for “stability in politics,” as a result of the election, the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito has now been able to secure the most stable political foundation in the post-war period in the House of Councillors. Feeling acutely the weight of responsibility placed upon me, I am determined to dedicate myself more than ever before on running the Government.

It is from this foundation that the Government will diligently, and with a greater sense of urgency, move to implement each and every one of the policies we pledged to the people in the election campaign. Today I have reshuffled my Cabinet in order to ensure that a strong team is in place to implement these policies.

With this new Cabinet, we will hoist even higher the flag of “Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens” and open up a bright future for Japan. The Cabinet will make concerted efforts to fulfil their “responsibility to the future.”

I am resolved to advance dynamically along this path, hand in hand with the people of Japan. Once again, I ask for the understanding and cooperation of the public as the Abe Cabinet takes on new and further challenges.

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