Video Message by Prime Minister Kishida at the Inauguration of the GX Promotion Organization

July 1, 2024

[Provisional translation]


I am KISHIDA Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan. On the occasion of today’s inauguration of the GX Promotion Organization, I would like to deliver a few words.
Under my administration, we have implemented GX polices as one of the top priorities with a sense of speed. To promote 150-trillion-yen GX investment in Japan by the public and private sectors, we have formulated a “Roadmap of sectoral strategies” covering the upcoming 10 years on the basis of “growth-oriented carbon pricing concept,” and started prior assistance with the 20-trillion-yen funds to be financed through the “GX Economy Transition Bonds.” In addition, we have put in place various system frameworks, including those for emissions trading.
Going forward, we will build on the existing frameworks to further develop our efforts to overcome hurdles one by one to achieve carbon neutral by 2050. To this end, we now should lay out a realistic approach to a carbon-free society, which the Government and the private sector share.
The “GX Promotion Organization,” launched to start operations today, is a “key body” charged to promote Japan’s GX policies with talented people gathered from the private and public sectors. It will serve as social infrastructure that is essential for Japan to prevail in the global competition for decarbonization, through financial support operations for complementing risks associated with private finance, management of emissions trading systems and carbon pricing operations; and research and analysis operations for gathering information on domestic and international GX policies and corporate trends, among others.
President Tsutsui, who has run one of Japan’s top companies, COO Shigetake, an outstanding global strategy consultant and member of the GX Implementation Council and KEIDANREN Chairman Tokura, who, as the chairperson of the steering committee, will be in charge of the organization’s governance with other committee members, will be working with other people in the private and public sectors who have participated in the launch of this organization. I hope that they will address global issues with a sense of mission, combined with a future-oriented and challenge-oriented mindset, and take on unprecedented challenges. Let's work together to create a Japan that we can boast to the world.
To conclude, I would like to hope for the development of the GX Promotion Organization, while also sincerely wishing the best and success to those present here today. Thank you very much.

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