Press Conference by Prime Minister Kishida regarding the Ballistic Missile Launch by North Korea

February 18, 2023
[Provisional translation]
(On the ballistic missile launch by North Korea and the Government's response)
North Korea has launched an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)-class ballistic missile. In response, we have just held a Four Ministers’ Meeting of the National Security Council (NSC). Details of the discussion at the meeting will be announced by the Chief Cabinet Secretary shortly. The latest missile launch is an outrageous act that escalates the provocation against the entire international community, and we naturally have lodged a strong protest against North Korea. The safety and security of the people is our utmost priority. We will continue to take all possible measures in gathering intelligence, as well as in ensuring vigilance and surveillance, while also working in close collaboration between Japan and the U.S., as well as among Japan, the U.S. and the ROK.

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