A Lunar New Year Message from Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio

January 20, 2023

I extend my best wishes to everyone in Japan’s Chinese community and everyone else celebrating the Lunar New Year.
The past year, even as hard times continued during our battle against COVID-19, we also saw the disaster of war break out. I pray that the new lunar year is first and foremost a year of peace, as well as a year in which everyone can return to their regular pre-COVID-19 daily lives.
I also hope that this new year is one in which everyone can, in tranquil surroundings, hold out hope for the future in serene spirits. Towards that end, Japan will work in cooperation with the international community to help maintain and strengthen international norms and principles based on universal values.
Learning from the wisdom of the ancients when they encountered hardships, let us move forward steadily, and at times in one great push. No matter what difficulty we encounter, we will certainly be able to overcome it if we all walk forward together.
I hope that this Year of the Rabbit is a wonderful one for all of you.
Happy Lunar New Year! 

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