Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Japan-Indonesia Summit Meeting and Other Matters

April 29, 2022
[Provisional translation]

(On the Japan-Indonesia summit meeting)

I had an in-depth exchange of views with President Joko about a wide range of topics, including the situation in Ukraine and a Free and Open Indo-Pacific. Looking back on it, it was a meeting with a highly meaningful exchange of views. Indonesia has supported two United Nations resolutions concerning the situation in Ukraine. We will cooperate with Indonesia to work towards such goals as immediately suspending the use of force and defusing the situation through dialogue. Also, regarding a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, we succeeded in making concrete progress that includes start conducting a study to provide the Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard with patrol vessels and taking the decision to provide additional ODA loans towards the expansion of Patimban Port. President Joko and I were also in full agreement that Japan and Indonesia will together advance the "Asia Zero Emissions Community" vision I have been advocating. I consider this visit to have been a highly meaningful one, because through it, I succeeded in forging a relationship of trust with Indonesia, a strategic partner for Japan as well as the country holding the presidency of the G20 this year and chairing ASEAN in 2023, and also between myself and President Joko. Moreover, next year, we will celebrate 65 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia. After finishing our meeting today, once again I felt very keenly that I want very much to advance our bilateral relations as we head towards this anniversary year.

(On responses to the situation in Ukraine, responses to China, and responses to Russia within the G20)

First of all, regarding the situation in Ukraine overall, it is exactly as I said just now. As for responses to Russia within the G20, I believe the international community is unable to maintain the same relationship with Russia as it had until now. After exchanging views, President Joko and I were in agreement that with regard to the response of the G20, Japan and Indonesia will work in close cooperation in order to respond appropriately while keeping a careful eye on the situation going forward. Our exchange of views was very candid. The upshot was that there are more than six months to go before the G20 summit. While keeping an eye on changes in the situation, Japan and Indonesia will act in reliable cooperation towards the success of the G20 summit, staying in good communication with each other. That was the outcome of our discussion today.

(On whether or not President Joko informed Prime Minister Kishida of the discussion he had with President Putin during a recent telephone meeting)

I must refrain from talking about this in any detail, but with regard to the point you raised just now, President Joko and I discussed a wide range of things. Beyond that, as I mentioned earlier, insofar as there is still time until the G20 summit takes place, we concluded with the understanding that Japan and Indonesia will act in firm cooperation while carefully monitoring changes in the situation.

(On whether Prime Minister Kishida conveyed his own opinion to President Joko regarding the matter of calling President Putin to the G20 summit)

Although President Joko and I discussed matters in very concrete terms, I must refrain from divulging the details of our talks. Having said that, as for what I mentioned earlier, my discussions with President Joko wrapped up with us agreeing to continue to cooperate towards the success of the G20 summit.

(On how to use or leverage the diplomatic occasion of the G20 summit to promote the restoration of peace in Ukraine at an early time)

We exchanged various opinions regarding the topics to be discussed at the G20 summit and the significance they have. But there is still time to consider how to lead the G20 as the country holding the presidency, and I imagine that President Joko will examine the matter from various angles, including based on the exchange of views he and I had today.

(On whether or not Prime Minister Kishida requested that Indonesia impose sanctions on Russia, and on whether or not their discussions touched on sanctions in concrete terms)

We discussed a wide range of topics, including Japan’s way of thinking regarding sanctions. I will refrain from discussing any specifics.

(On importing coal from Indonesia)

During our exchange, I expressed appreciation for the various offers regarding coal and other commodities that Japan has received from Indonesia until now. Then, with regard to energy, we also discussed cooperation towards the future in which we cooperate based on my Zero Emissions vision in future years. I don’t think we discussed Russia-related aspects specifically, but we did exchange views on a wide range of matters related to the state of the energy sector overall.

(On whether or not China was raised by name and discussed, and if so in what way, regarding attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by force, or regarding economic coercion)

From my side, discussions also included the situation of China within the context of discussing various regional and international affairs. I then explained that Japan strongly opposes any attempt to unilaterally change the status quo with force in the background in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, as well as any economic coercion.

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