Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Japan-Cambodia Summit Meeting and Other Matters

March 20, 2022
 [Provisional Translation]
(Regarding the Japan-Cambodia summit meeting)

Prime Minister Hun Sen and I were able to have an in-depth and broad discussion on the Ukraine issue. We agreed on the recognition that Russia's aggression against Ukraine is a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as a violation of international law. We also shared the view that any change of the status quo by force must not be tolerated, and that this is a serious situation that could shake the international order. This year, Cambodia holds the presidency of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). It is important for us to cooperate with Cambodia as it assumes the ASEAN presidency, and it is also significant for us to work together on such occasions as ASEAN-related meetings and in the framework of the United Nations. During this visit, I was able to build a personal relationship of trust with Prime Minister Hun Sen, and I look forward to working with Cambodia in various international settings as it holds the ASEAN presidency.


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