Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Reaction to the U.S. Decision to Introduce an Embargo on the Import of Russian Oil

March 9, 2022
[Provisional Translation]
(On the reaction to the U.S. decision to introduce an embargo on the import of Russian oil and others and the Japanese government's response)
I am aware that the United States has decided to introduce an embargo on the import of Russian oil. We are in close communication with the United States. Yesterday, President Biden announced in a press conference that the United States is taking this step based on the understanding that not all of its allies and partners are currently in a position to join the embargo and that the United States is a net exporter of energy and thus able to impose such measure even if other countries are not able to do so. Under these circumstances, Japan will appropriately respond in close cooperation with the G7 and the wider international community by ensuring our national interests, namely, stable supply of energy and national security.

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