Prime Minister Kishida's Visit to Malaysia (Summary)

November 5, 2023
[Provisional translation]
1. Dinner with Japanese Business Representatives
Prime Minister Kishida exchanged views with representatives of Japanese companies in Malaysia on the current business situation in Malaysia and Japan-Malaysia economic relations for approximately one hour and 15 minutes from 9:00 p.m. local time (10:00 p.m. Japan time) on November 4.
2. Flower Offering at the Japanese Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur
Prime Minister Kishida visited the Japanese Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur and offered flowers for approximately 15 minutes from 9:15 a.m. local time (10:15 a.m. Japan time) on November 5.
3. Japan-Malaysia Summit Meeting
Prime Minister Kishida met with Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim, Prime Minister of Malaysia, at the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia for approximately 2 hours from 10:05 a.m. local time (11:05 a.m. Japan time) on November 5. The overview of the meeting is as follows.
The Summit Meeting was attended on the Japanese side by Mr. MORIYA Hiroshi, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Mr. MORI Masafumi, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, among others; and on the Malaysian side by Dato’ Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tuan Mohd Rafizi, Minister of Economy, Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul, Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled, Minister of Higher Education, Tuan Ahmad Fahmi, Minister of Communications and Digital, among others. At the beginning of the meeting, a one-on-one meeting of the two leaders just with interpreters was held for 25 minutes.
(1) Opening
Prime Minister Anwar welcomed Prime Minister Kishida's visit to Malaysia and stated that he looked forward to further deepening bilateral relations. Prime Minister Kishida also stated that Japan would further deepen the amicable bilateral relations based on the Look East Policy, and that Japan would cooperate with Malaysia in maintaining and strengthening the free and open international order based on the rule of law as well as ensuring a world where human dignity is respected.
(2) Economy and Environment
Prime Minister Anwar stated that he looked forward to further investment by Japanese companies, and Prime Minister Kishida stated that he would support the activities of Japanese companies in Malaysia including through improving the investment environment. Prime Minister Kishida also stated that he would promote collaboration in areas such as stable supply of LNG, decarbonization and energy including the "Asian Zero Emission Community (AZEC)" concept, digital and cyber security, and the two leaders welcomed the signing of the renewed Memorandum of Co-operation on information and communications, which covers the promotion of cyber security including 5G technology. Furthermore, the two leaders confirmed that they would collaborate in steadily implementing the ASEAN-Japan Midori Cooperation Plan, which was adopted at the ASEAN-Japan Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and Forestry co-chaired by Japan and Malaysia last month. Prime Minister Anwar also stated regarding the ALPS treated water that Malaysia commended Japan’s efforts which are based on scientific evidence.
(3) Human Resource Development, People-to People and Cultural Exchange
The two leaders concurred to further promote exchanges between the peoples of the two countries by strengthening human resource development and people-to-people exchanges, including the opening of a branch campus of the University of Tsukuba in September next year.
(4) Security and Defense Cooperation
Prime Minister Kishida stated that Japan attaches great importance to cooperation with Malaysia, which is located at a geopolitical strategic point and plays an important role in regional peace and security. The two leaders confirmed that they would strengthen exchange of views in a strategic manner between the two countries.
The two leaders confirmed that they would accelerate coordination for the implementation of the Official Security Assistance (OSA), and concurred to further strengthen cooperation in the maritime field, including joint training and exchanges between the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Malaysian Armed Forces as well as joint training between coast guard agencies of the two countries.
(5) Regional and International Situation
Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to jointly set out the direction of future ASEAN-Japan relations and a new vision for cooperation at the Commemorative Summit for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation in December, with a view to strengthening Japan-ASEAN relations. In response, Prime Minister Anwar expressed his hope that Japan-ASEAN relations would be further promoted in the future.
Prime Minister Kishida explained Japan’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian situation and conveyed that all the parties must act in accordance with the international law, that it is vital to prevent the instability from spilling over to neighboring countries and to calm down the situation as soon as possible, and moreover, that the improvement of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is today’s top priority.
Prime Minister Kishida expressed his deep concern over unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force in the East and South China Seas, and the two leaders confirmed that the two countries would closely cooperate in addressing this issue.
The two leaders also confirmed that the two countries would continue to closely cooperate in dealing with North Korea on the nuclear and missile issues as well as the abductions issue.
The two leaders also concurred to tackle various regional and international challenges such as the situation in Ukraine and the situation in Myanmar as well as nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.
4. Document Exchange Ceremony and Joint Press Occasion
In the presence of the two leaders, Memorandum of Co-operation Between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan and the Government of Malaysia on Co-operation in the Field of Information and Communication was exchanged.
After the Document Exchange Ceremony, the two leaders held a Joint Press Occasion.


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