G7 Hiroshima Summit Session 4 “Strengthening Engagement with Partners” (Summary)

May 20, 2023

[Provisional translation]

On May 20, the G7 Hiroshima Summit Session 4 “Strengthening Engagement with Partners” was held from 10:10 a.m. for approximately 75 minutes. The overview of the session is as follows.

  1. Prime Minister Kishida stated that it is important to strengthen engagement with international partners beyond the G7 as the presence of emerging countries and developing countries called global south has increased, and to take an approach to respond carefully to various needs that those countries face. In pursuing these efforts, Prime Minister Kishida emphasized on the importance to value human dignity and human security through a people-centered approach.
  2. Prime Minister Kishida stated that he hopes to cooperate among the G7 so that concrete outcome could be achieved at the G20 in various issues that the international society faces, such as food, development and health. Prime Minister Kishida also mentioned that he expects to connect the outcome of the G7 to the cooperation with the G20.
  3. The G7 leaders concurred that they will share the importance of the principles of the United Nations Charter and the rule of law that the international society should stand by with intenarional partners, respond carefully to various needs of emerging and developing countries regarding challenges such as poverty, energy trandition and finance, by such means as establishment of value chains that enable developing countries to carry out processing locally, support through Partnership on Global Infrastructure Investment (PGII) , efforts to fill the development finance gap. and actively support the Chair of the G20 toward G20 Summit in New Delhi in September this year.

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