Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding Japan-ROK Telephone Summit Talks

October 15, 2021
[Provisional Translation]

(Regarding Japan-ROK telephone summit talks)

A short while ago, I had a telephone talk with President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea (ROK), starting at 6:40 PM for approximately 35 minutes. During the talk, I mentioned that Japan-ROK relations remain extremely difficult due to the issues of the former civilian workers from the Korean Peninsula, comfort women and other matters before strongly urging the ROK side to make appropriate responses based on Japan’s consistent position. Meanwhile, President Moon and I agreed that, under this severe security environment in the region, Japan-ROK and Japan-U.S.-ROK cooperation would be further deepened in dealing with North Korea. Furthermore, in response to my request for support and cooperation regarding the abductions issue, President Moon reiterated his support for Japan's position.

Despite difficult issues between Japan and the ROK, I will strongly urge the ROK side to make appropriate responses with a view to restoring sound relations between us.
Related to your question about face-to-face meetings, I believe that communication between Japan and the ROK must be steadily maintained although no arrangement has been made for face-to-face summit meetings so far. Thank you.

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