Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding His Visit to Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital

October 9, 2021
[Provisional Translation]

 (Regarding his visit to Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital)  

Today I sat down with a small group of healthcare workers, all serving on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, to listen to their voices. It was particularly meaningful to listen to those working at Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital because the hospital takes care of many COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms. I was impressed listening to the earnest voices of these professionals who are working hard under enormous stress, without regard for the risk to themselves. I renewed my determination to take seriously what they have to say and translate such voices into action.

Needless to say, the new Cabinet places top priority to its response to COVID-19. Especially essential is to enhance our medical system in a way that anticipates worst-case scenarios, including by converting public hospitals into those dedicated to COVID-19 patients. This is a policy that I have mentioned since the time of the LDP presidential election, and I believe that we have to give shape to this. Let me add that today I realized that it is also important to prepare a sound environment that allow front-line workers to work energetically and with confidence. I also felt the need to consider from the perspective of politics how best to address ways of working, income and other such matters for those working on the front lines. I have been taking about income of front-line workers since a while ago and this is also where we must deliver results. I very much hope to make every effort to help various specific opinions voiced today transition into concrete steps.


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